The ZEESM TL vision is of an economy that includes everyone, at their own level and with their current capabilities not just as a subject but as part of the process. Our economic model is one that places people at its center, as its end goal. It is an enabler for change, and focuses on social justice and equity. ZEESM TL wants to create an economy that everyone can access and contribute to. One that everyone feels part of.

The Special Administrative Region is an innovative new policy instrument to enable effective governance, poverty reduction and economic & social well-being in Oé-Cusse. It is an instrument that will make our vision of an enabling economy become a reality.

We are aiming to produce an agile, streamlined and technology-enabled regional governance structure which is focused on policy innovation and service delivery for social economic development.

We do this by recognizing the importance of small producers. The women and men who grow the products that produce our food and bring it to the market. The budding private sector which invests and creates new jobs.

We do this by building strong economic foundations for Oé-Cusse.

We have created bridges so rivers are easier to cross. We have built roads so that people have access to schools, health facilities and markets. We have improved access to and from Oé-Cusse by improving its port, its airport and its land access. We have improved irrigation, a critical area of agriculture.

We have created a power plant that provides enough electricity for three times the current development and we are expanding the grid and access to it month by month, kilometer by kilometer.

We have increased training opportunities for health workers, allowing Timorese doctors to improve their skills, increasing technological solutions to predicting health needs and increasing the capacity of rural health out-posts to serve their clients.

Each of these steps allows the private sector to expand in the security of a reliable electricity supply, clean water and sanitation, improved transport networks and with a clear vision of where we are headed.

We firmly believe in community based tourism, and are engaged in creating lean government procedures to support local organizations, as well as to guide the development and promotion of new services and products. We are exploring the many interfaces that this sector has with other sectors, namely agriculture, health and environment. We are trying to capitalize on the interlocking nature of our work and use opportunities that arrive by seeking integrated and sustainable development.

There are many challenges remaining. Income inequality must be addressed. Youth unemployment must be addressed. Hunger and poverty must be addressed. Agriculture, job creation and food supply must be a priority.

But we are creating our future. We are envisioning a just Timor-Leste, filled with opportunity.

We have achieved so much already, together.

And we will complete the work that remains.

Together we will create an economy that serves the people.