Commission for Economy and Development visiting Oé-Cusse

Commission for Economy and Development visiting Oé-Cusse

The Palaban Customs Hall in Pante Macassar, Oé-Cusse hosted this September 26, 2019, the public reception session for the Commission for Economy and Development (Commission D of the National Parliament), which is in the Region until next September 28, 2019.

Virginia Ana Belo (Chair of the Commission), Ricardo Baptista (Vice-Chair of the Commission), Olinda Guterres, José Virgílio R. Ferreira, Antoninho Bianco, Alexandrino C. da Cruz, Antonio dos Santos, Mariano Sabino Lopes and Regina Freitas, and the technicians Victor de Deus Maia and Juizinha da Costa Gonçalves attended the presentation by the Regional Secretary of Finance and President of the Authority in substitution, Dr. Leónia Monteiro, of the main data related to the integrated development of Oé-Cusse since 2014.

Investment and infrastructure, such as roads, sanitation, bridges, 24/24 hour electricity in the 18 sucos, water supply systems for agricultural use and irrigation equipment, airport and hotel, health and education equipment, housing construction and social support, training and Entrepreneurship were just some of the topics covered. 

The Regional Secretary for Community Tourism and Commerce, Dr. Inácia Teixeira, was responsible for presenting the development of the policy of RAEOA – ZEESM TL for tourism, one committed to the well-being and values ​​of local communities, based on strategies ranging from standardization of establishments, catering and accommodation to the development, dissemination and promotion of its own distinctive image and identity, which bets on tradition and innovation in equal doses. The Region’s support for entrepreneurship, especially young people and women, the initiatives of OBI – Oé-Cusse Business Incubator and the development of home industries, with endogenous products to present – from coconut soaps to banana liqueur, among others – were some of the good practices shared with the Commission.

For the Regional Secretariat of Agriculture, it was up to one of the technical leaders to present strategies and results obtained in recent years, doubling the number of annual harvests of more and of better quality rice; the success of local production policies aimed at feeding the School Lunch program and the focus on horticulture; the spread of water supply systems for agricultural purposes and the creation of value chains for products such as pineapple or coffee, not forgetting the Region’s commitment to the ongoing reforestation campaign and the enhancement and creation of conditions for a stronger  and more competitive agricultural sector.

At the end of the presentations, the deputies expressed their satisfaction with the advanced data and also praised the strong presence of women in politics and leadership positions in the Region, showing that it is really possible to make gender parity in public life come out of paper and legislation and make a living in the daily life of the territories of Timor-Leste.