“Pre -qualification process for short-listing of companies for the provision of technical services in the field of aviation”


The Região Administrativa Especial Oé-Cusse Ambeno – Zonas Especiais de Economia Social de Mercado

(RAEOA-ZEESM) was created in accordance with Law n.º 3/2014, having its mission and legal attributions

determined by the Decree-Law n.º 5/2015, dated the 22nd of January.


In such attributions of RAEOA-ZEESM, it has the task of promoting regional investment, the creation, use, manage and maintenance of infra-structures in sectors such as commerce, logistics, transport, tourism and social. Further, it’s the RAEOA-ZEESM mandate to develop the international and regional competitiveness of Oé-Cusse as an international centre of commerce, industrial area and development centre. It’s within this scope that the development of a transportation network that helps to reduce the geographical isolation of the region has become one of the main objectives of the regional government. Currently, the region is served by one flight connection between Díli and the Oé-Cusse region with a Twin Otter 400 aircraft, bearing serial number “906”, currently registered in Canada with registration C-GVTU.


The aircraft operation is guaranteed through a management agreement with a Canadian certified operator, however, it’s the RAEOA-ZEESM regional government intention to directly develop operations through a national carrier currently in creation. RAEOA-ZEESM is therefore interested in procuring a supplier of technical services for the drafting and preparation of the necessary technical manuals pertaining to the certification of its company operation and licensing with its specific aircraft operator certificate.


In accordance with the legal regime applicable in Timor-Leste for the certification of air operators, approved by Decree-Law n.º 5/2006 dated the 1st of March, the issue of an Aircraft Operator Certificate requires, amongst other

things, the certification of the following manuals:

– Operations Manual;

– Maintenance Manual;

– Security Manual;

– Training Manual.


It has equally been identified as a necessity of RAEOA-ZEESM to outsource technical services for the purpose of auditing the current operator of the aircraft and helping bridging the technical certification of the Aircraft for a later transition between the current Air Operator Certificate and respective registration to the new Air Operator Certificate and respective Timorese registration. Naturally, a solid database of possible suppliers is expected to vastly improve the response capacity for the outsourcing of services, in that sense, we invite companies that are able to provide a general ability in technical services.


This includes a general interest in listing possible suppliers with experience in the following areas:

A. Line Maintenance MRO’s- with a regional focus and able to provide maintenance services compatible with the Aircraft-type rating;

B. Component MRO’s- with a regional focus and able to provide maintenance services compatible with the

aircraft type rating;

C. Aircraft inspection and records audits- with previous experience in the technical inspection and audits of the aircraft type or similar aircraft, no regional focus required in this specific case;

D. Aircraft phase-in/phase-out- With previous experience with the aircraft type or similar, no regional focus required in this specific case;

E. Safety Management- With previous experience with the aircraft type or similar, no regional focus required in this specific case;


Interested applicants may send an email to to obtain the prequalification document. Submission of completed applications may be sent by hard-copy to the RAEOA-ZEESM TL Procurement and Logistics Department at Oebau, Pante Macassar, Oé-Cusse Ambeno, Timor-Leste, or by electronic copy to the following e-mail address: on or before 12 June 2018, 2359H Timor-Leste Time.