Innovation Workshop of Oé-Cusse starts with great participation

Innovation Workshop of Oé-Cusse starts with great participation

Last week, the Innovation Workshop opened for its first two days with great participation. With over a hundred people in attendance, the event held in Pante Macassar on February 7th and 8th obtained double the expected attendance and had 50% female participation. It was also remarkable to see the involvement of Oé-Cusse’s the youth sector, who actively participated in all the proposed activities, contributing with fresh ideas and new perspectives.

This Innovation Workshop, organized by the Regional Secretary for Community Tourism in RAEOA – ZEESM TL, is a 3-day collaborative workshop focused on identifying the needs and possibilities of the region in order to promote the creation of innovative products and services that can boost local development in Oé-Cusse.

During the first two sessions, specialized officers of the Secretary alternated theoretical presentations, which addressed basic concepts of entrepreneurship and marketing, with practical teambuilding exercises that developed participant’s creativity skills.

The presentations of Silvia Correia de Araujo and Hugo Lebre, both successful entrepreneurs in Dili, encouraged all participants to think about new business ideas applicable in Oé-Cusse. Finally, the presentations of Joana Bobo, founder of the Feto Fitun Fronteira group, and Gregorio Nufa Sila, of the Binoni Bioel group, brought a vision of business success in Oé-Cusse while also introducing the second cycle of the Oé-Cusse Business Incubator Programme (OBI), which will begin in the coming weeks. Both Joana Bobo and Gregorio Nufa Sila were participants of the first edition of the OBI Programme.

Next Monday, February 18th, the third and final session of the Innovation Camp will be held. During the final session, participants will present their work developed throughout the workshop and will receive a certificate of participation.