Inur Sakato Power Plant

Inur Sakato Power Plant

Ensuring a steady power supply is vital for an expanding economy. The Inur Sakato Power Plant has been built can produce 17.3MW.

The Power Plant is part of a network that transformed electricity supply from just a few hours a day to 24 hour, seven days a week supply. It has increased the portion of the population of Oé-Cusse with access to clean reliable power from 20% to 70%, and some rural areas, this figure is now above 90%.

The plant is currently only using a small portion of its capacity however. The extra capacity was part of the design as supply is anticipated to rise as more households start to use electricity as their cooking and light source and as businesses expand. Power supply is automatically changed as power is drawn down.

In keeping with ZEESMs commitment to education, nine Timorese university graduates are being trained in how to operate the power plant in teams of four.

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