RAEOA & ZEESM TL Deliver 18 Motorbikes to Suco Chiefs

RAEOA & ZEESM TL Deliver 18 Motorbikes to Suco Chiefs

Pante-Macassar, Timor-Leste: 4 July 2017: Each elected Suco Chief in Oé-Cusse was given a motorbike today as part of a national government program to assist rural areas.

Part of a continuous national initiative, ZEESM TL today handed the keys of 18 motorbikes to the 18 elected Sucos Chiefs of Oé-Cusse to ensure they can work continuously on behalf of their communities.

Handing over the keys was the Regional Secretary of Administration, Francisco Xavier Marques. Also in attendance were the Regional Secretary of Tourism Inácia da Conceição Teixeira, the Regional Secretary of Finance, Leonia da Costa Monteiro, the Regional Secretary for Agriculture & Rural Development, Regio da Cruz Salu and the Director of Patrimonio do Estado, Deonisio Maniquin.

Rural areas can become isolated. Getting transport to perform their duties can be costly, or simply not possible. These motorbikes are a vital investment in communities to ensure that their work can be done promptly and without high costs, increasing their mobility and connections to services and information.

The scheme is rolling out across Timor-Leste as part of a long-standing government programme and Oé-Cusse is the first region to hand over the keys.

For more details on transport in Oé-Cusse please see our transport section.

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Contact: Joao Soule: joaosoule@gmail.com: +670-78362775: +67076610334: Oé-Cusse, Timor-Leste