Noefefan Bridge

Noefefan Bridge

The Noefefan Bridge, over the Tono river, which divides the most westerly regions of Timor-Leste from the nearest ferry, airport and road access to Dili was officially opened in June 2017 by the President of the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste, Dr. Francisco Guterres Lu Olo, and the President of RAEOA and ZEESM TL, Dr. Mari Alkatiri.

The Noefefan Bridge will allow the peoples of the western areas of Oé-Cusse permanent access for the first time to the ferry, airport and markets, regardless of weather and season. Before the bridge was built, it was normal, during rainy season, lasting from November to April, for the area east of the Tono river to cut off from the regional capital, Pante Macassar. This also meant they were cut off from the ferry, airport and main road access to the Timorese capital of Dili. Any plan to improve agricultural and infrastructure in the region regarded it as vital that this barrier be removed.

Part of a larger project to improve transport access to all rural areas in Oé-Cusse, fulfills a commonly expressed need in Oé-Cusse where a World Bank report found that 95% of people want the roads and bridges improved.

The bridge crosses within half a kilometer of the sea, spanning the Tono rivers estuary and has already improved the traveling periods of farmers and traders in the area.

The 3 arced bridge, at 360 meters long and 20 meters high, the Noefefan Bridge has become an icon of the ZEESM TL project.