Oé-Cusse celebrated World Women’s Day 2019

Oé-Cusse celebrated World Women’s Day 2019

National Police of East Timor (PNTL) celebrated World Women’s Day 2019 in Oé-Cusse with a cultural program which was attended by His Excellency the Interim Interior Minister, Brigadier General Filomeno Paixão de Jesus, and the President of the RAEOA-ZEESM-TL Authority, Dr. Mari Alkatiri, in addition to several national deputies, regional secretaries and representatives of other civil, military and religious entities.

The celebration included the inauguration of a PNTL training center, in an initiative that demonstrates the active concern to give everyone access to continuous learning. In PNTL, recalled the PNTL Superintendent in Oé-Cusse, Commander Arnaldo de Araújo, women have been targeted, from the recruitment process, for positive discrimination. “This means that between a male candidate and a femal candidate with the same marks, the priority is given to the woman,” he said.

With 15% of women, the PNTL noted the difficulty of some of these professionals to move to Dili for training actions, taking into account their family responsibilities, which is why this bets on this decentralization, creating training centers in all districts.

“We do not know when we will have a female PNTL commander in Oé-Cusse,” the President of the Authority said in his speech. HE Mr. Mari Alkatiri congratulated all the women in the Region and Timor-Leste and recalled that gender equality is done with the participation of all men and women. “I am very happy to see here international dances, from zumba to indonesian, latin … but I also would like to see our tebedai. It is good to be open to outside cultures but it is essential not to forget ours. And I also liked to have seen men dancing … it’s not equality if only women dance”, he joked.

It should be noted that RAEOA – ZEESM-TL also practices a policy of positive discrimination of women in their recruitment processes.