Oé-Cusse receives innovative Center for Ficicultura

Oé-Cusse receives innovative Center for Ficicultura

The foundation stone of the latest agricultural project in Oé-Cusse, a Ficicultura, was laid last September 13, 2019.

RAEOA-ZEESM TL, with the support of UNDP and in partnership with the company Figu Sol Nascente, decided to invest in the region’s potential for fig production, involving the whole community. Installed in Oemolo (ETARO), Suco Lifau, the new camp will be divided into corners assigned to the different Sucos. Figu Sol Nascente will be in charge, with a team of 30 people, 28 of whom are young trainee students in the field of horticulture, for the suco representatives formation.

At the groundbreaking ceremony, the Regional Secretary for Agriculture and Rural Development, Regio Salu, stressed the importance of focusing on enhancing local products and training in areas with potential to improve families’ lives and income, while respecting a concept of integrated development. But “Together we make East Timor green and rich”, the local rural development motto, goes further in its ambitions. The project includes technical support for better quality and quantity of figs produced and also to increase the value chain, with assistance to the production of tea figs, jams and others. 

Present at the ceremony were Regional Secretaries Pedro Xavier, representing HE Arsenio Bano, President of the Authority, and Leónia Monteiro, as well as Lifau’s Suco Chief and Joni Maria dos Santos, Agribusiness (Project) Coordinator of UNDP. Also attending was the founder of Figu Sol Nascente, Hugo Natalino Correia Lebre, who stated that Oé-Cusse was the obvious choice for this pioneering project, considering RAEOA’s motto – ZEESM TL, “The Beginning and the Future”.

The ceremony featured cultural moments and a social lunch, where veterans of INTERFET, visiting Oé-Cusse, expressed the satisfaction of seeing the people of Oé-Cusse happy and evolving.