Working & Living in Oé-Cusse

Working & Living in Oé-Cusse

Oé-Cusse is a place of numerous sacred areas, hidden water pools, forested hikes and an almost endless beach. Rural areas are still alive with traditional methods of weaving and building. Ancient crafts and beliefs are still routinely woven in the physical and spiritual lives of the Oé-Cusse people. Mingled with this is the astounding trust felt between people who live here that, combined with our low crime rate, translates into a relaxed, safe and easy going visitor experience. ZEESM is aware of these gifts and is keen to create the circumstances needed to share them.


As anyone who has visited has noticed Oé-Cusse feels safe and the statistics back this up by showing its low crime rate. Social trust is built on deep family foundations and this protection is routinely extended to visitors. Communal events such as festivals and religious services, both Catholic and traditional, are well attended. International partners have noted that when requested communal efforts in construction projects are equally well supported by communities, with passages of rough rural road repaired in advance when needed.

Sourcing Products

Oé-Cusse sits between several commercial centers and ZEESM is increasing access and links between them. The improved ferry, airport, permit and road system mean transporting goods between Kupang, Dili and Pante Macassar is getting progressively easier.


There are many attractions in Oé-Cusse an area known for its waterfalls as well as mud eruptions, where geothermal vents out in a lunar landscape. Near Pante Macassar there is the Fonte Sagrada – Nubau Hiking Trail, and an old Portuguese fortress perched over the regional capital that gives a view of most of the region, including Lifau, where the original capital of Timor-Leste was situated for over 200 years.

There are other trails mapped out for tourists also near to Pante Macassar such as the Pais-Bisae Sunaf Trail, the short Fatsuba Trail and one that passes an area with families of monkeys. The trail at Lifau just outside Pante Macassar is called the Via Sacre Trail.


Oé-Cusse has a tropical climate, with a long dry season alternating with a short rainy season.

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