ZEESM TL seeks to create a social market economy that includes everyone.

All economies are built on the efforts of people. ZEESM TL is building one that acknowledges this by building the economy around their needs and aspirations. We take concrete steps to ensure that literacy and education levels are increasing and that those who wish to expand their skills into professional careers as engineers, architects and doctors can do so. Read more in our education section.

This is a matter of urgency: 61% of the population of Oé-Cusse live below the national poverty line. But we do have social advantages. Culturally the Oé-Cusse people are active in their communities and this can be seen in the high participation in community saving groups, water committees and other economically active groups.

Currently the economy of Oé-Cusse is based on agriculture. ZEESM TL seeks to expand this sector into a commercial and export sector. It also seeks to diversify this sector by increasing opportunities in forestry, fishing and livestock and deepening it by increasing the output using horticulture. Read about how we are achieving this in the agricultural section.

A second sector being improved and expanded is tourism. Our section on tourism showcases our efforts to build and environmentally friendly, sustainable tourism industry in Oé-Cusse by focusing on community based tourism.

All economies are built on some basic foundation blocks, such as a reliable electricity supply, a good health care system and a transport system that allows goods and people to travel as needed. Click on any of the links in this paragraph to learn more on how we are improving these things.

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