ZEESM TL is itself a commitment to good governance by the Timor-Leste government.

In the original constitution of Timor-Leste, the neglected state of certain regions in Timor-Leste was acknowledged. Oé-Cusse was one of these places seen as in need of special administration and focus.

Fair procurement

Towns in Oé-Cusse, Timor-Leste. Credit: Rui Da Silva Pinto

Deliberate, extensive procedures have been introduced into the procurement system. Every aspect of the procedure has been combed over. Key changes have been put in place.

  • Simple instructions are issued for each contract. Any deliberate deviation results in disqualification.
  • Each procurement is publicly advertised on social media, television, in print and now on this website.
  • No contact between competitors and staff during the assessment procedure is tolerated unless through nominated officers.
  • Winners are publicly announced on social media, on television, in print and now on this website.

Outside of these rules, special assistance is given to small, local providers to help them apply in order to encourage local commerce.

Building reliable information

A key compound in good governance is good data. Knowing community’s needs is vital if their circumstances are to be improved. However historically there is little reliable data available to those planning projects in Oé-Cusse. The problems in gathering reliable accurate but most of all, timely data are substantial. Internet access in remote areas is slow and frustrating. Coordinating the gathering of the same data in the same way across a large area in isolated villages is difficult. But ZEESM TL is committed to finding solutions to these issues.

ZEESM TL is currently conducting surveys of homes in Oé-Cusse. Families are being asked how many disease and illness have affected them and how they live. It is also establishing a formal, timely and reliable healthcare database with the assistance of United Nations Development Programme. Analysis of this data by doctors in remote areas will reveal solutions and issues and reveal methods that work that can be exported to other regions.


ZEESM TL is aware that information regarding our projects has to be transmitted in a clear and precise way. This website is part of our efforts to show what our vision, work challenges are. We hope it helps those outside Oé-Cusse to understand the region and to understand ZEESM TL’s work.


Comparing available data on Timor-Leste’s Government spending by district, from 2013 to 2015, Oé-Cusse ranks 4th out of 13 among the districts that most benefited in terms of per capita public spending at the district level. Behind Dili, Baucau and Covalima.