RAEOA – ZEESM-TL deliberates uniformization of working hours and service at regional secretaries

RAEOA – ZEESM-TL deliberates uniformization of working hours and service at regional secretaries

At the meeting of the Authority of the Special Administrative Region of Oé-Cusse Ambeno (RAEOA – ZEESM – TL), which took place on the morning of this Thursday, January 10, 2019, at the headquarters of ZEESM-TL, it was approved the standardization of the schedules of all the public services of the Region, in what has been considered by the President of the Authority, Dr. Mari Alkatiri, “a guarantee of greater reliability and quality in the service to the users, guaranteeing them a greater effective accessibility to the services”.

In this session, which was attended by Regional Secretaries Arsénio Bano, Leónia Monteiro, Pedro Xavier, Francisco Marques, Régio Salu and Inácia Teixeira, it was recalled that, pursuant to the provisions of article 50 of Law no. 8/2004 of June 16 (Statute of the Civil Service), the working hours of civil servants and agents must be 40 (forty hours) a week, and by application of the provisions of art. 6 of Government Decree No. 6/2015, of November 18 (Legal Regime of Right-to-Work Contracts in Public Administration) is also forty (40) hours per week the full schedule applicable to fixed term contractors in the Public Administration.

The REAOA-ZEESM-TL, aiming to actively promote a culture of responsible and trustworthy public service, ensuring compliance with applicable legal regulations, has decided the standardization of working hours and attendance in the Regional Secretariats, in the following terms:

– Normalized working hours and obligation to attend to the public of all Regional Secretariats in RAEOA, of forty hours a week, distributed between 8.00 and 12.30 and 14.00 and 17.30 each working day of the week.

– Mandatory posting at the premises of all Regional Secretariats, in a place visible to the public, of the opening hours of the service, which will coincide with the working hours of its employees.

– The application of the timetable approved by this resolution is without prejudice to situations in which, for reasons related to the specific nature of the services to be provided, such as for example with the Health, Teaching, Customs and Borders services, the secretariats need longer hours than those provided for herein.

– The working hours of institutions of education and training are also of 40 hours per week, without prejudice to being partially practiced in teaching activities and the remainder in activities of preparatory school and other services of an administrative nature, as well as the application of the legislation concerning the times of the educational career and the opening hours of schools.