ZEESM TL is focused on promoting and providing infrastructure for community based tourism. It must be suited to rural and isolated areas and focus on allowing individual, direct interactions between our visitors and the people of Oé-Cusse.

The Regional Secretariat of Tourism has identified the following pillars as necessary for sustainable tourism: Tourism Policy and Governance, Trade, Investment, Data and Competitiveness, Employment, Decent Work and Capacity Building, Poverty Reduction and Social Inclusion, and Sustainability of the Natural and Cultural Environment.

Tourism must be managed and owned by the community, for the community, favoring local service providers and suppliers. It needs to be focused on interpreting and communicating the local culture and environment. There is strong support for growing a vibrant private tourism sector. Currently ZEESM TL is leading action on key areas such as training, literacy and infrastructure. As these areas improve private industry will be able to take on greater challenges.

Creating this type of tourism relies on two compounds:

  • participation: meaning both community involvement, education and training,
  • infrastructure: meaning health facilities, roads and electricity.

The key challenges are identified as:

  • Difficulty in reaching Oé-Cusse and travel within it
  • Lack of infrastructure such as electricity and accessible water
  • Lack of training and education needed for the sector combined with high costs.
  • Absence of accessible attractions

To create these basic foundation blocks and to overcome these challenges, ZEESM TL has opened an electricity supply plant, an airport that offers almost daily access to and from Oé-Cusse, the ferry faculties have been improved, official impediments to access Oé-Cusse by road have been renegotiated with Indonesia, and the road network has been improved. The electricity grid has been expanded, private restaurants and cafes have been encouraged and the beach and other areas are now routinely cleaned.

Leading the direct efforts to connect communities with tourists, the Regional Secretary for Community Tourism, Inácia da Conceição Teixeira, has begun meetings with communities noted for producing souvenirs and crafts such as pottery, tai’s, in Fonte Sagrada & Oesilo, with plans to round out the process to other rural isolated areas across Oé-Cusse. A further survey to test the possibly of tourists packages being created using these souvenirs and tours of beauty spots is also being explored.

If you have an idea or a service that you feel would improve this new sector of the Oé-Cusse economy please contact us.