September 18, 2017: 104 Entrepreneurs Attend Training

September 18, 2017: 104 Entrepreneurs Attend Training

2017 September 18: The Oé-Cusse Business Incubator (OBI) workshop started today for one hundred and four Oé-Cusse based entrepreneurs.

The workshops are designed to assist both existing entrepreneurs and those with an idea for a new business.

Sixty-six new entrepreneurs will participate in a three-day workshop aimed to develop innovative ideas for new business.

A second workshop for those with pre-existing businesses will take place over two days. These thirty-eight participants will be encouraged to re-examine their business, seeking out new ways to improve their product or service and to prepare a plan for investment.

All participants will then have the opportunity to submit their business plans to the “Competition of Ideas”. The best plans selected will be given access to mentoring, resources and equipment to take the next steps in improving their business or creating a new one. They will be selected accordingly to a specific set of criteria to determine if they qualify to receive ZEESM’s support: motivation, sustainability and innovative products.

OBI team is focus in supporting innovation and mindset change among the local businesses.