FAQ Procurement

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Can I submit my Bid electronically via e-mail?

The type of bid submission varies from tender to tender. Electronic submission, only, is allowed, if it was clearly specified in the bidding documents. Such modality is usually supported by the detailed instructions on how to submit e-bid : email password protection, e-Bid box, etc.


How can I learn about the tender’s outcome/results ?

All tender results are called ‘awarded tenders’ and are listed here. If you don’t find any information on the web-site, you can approach the Procurement Focal Person as stipulated in the bidding documents.


Can I correct mistakes in my bid after I have submitted it?

Bidders are allowed to re-call/withdraw, cancel or amend their bids PRIOR the bid submission deadline.

ONCE the bids are opened, only clear, unequivocal arithmetical errors can be corrected by the SAR/ZEESM TL Procurement and Logistics Department (PLD) and reconfirmed by the bidder. Altering any other elements of a bid or proposal is not permitted by either PLD or Bidders.


How do I raise questions or issues about unclear points in a particular tender?

Bidders should raise questions or issues in writing and address them to the Procurement Focal Person as stipulated in the bidding documents. If the focal person does not respond promptly, a bidder should alert the SAR/ZEESM TL procurement and logistics department.


I have been approved as a SAR/ZESSM TL vendor, but I have never been invited to tender.

Buyers search for potential vendors based on the procurement category indicated in your application to become a potential vendor with the SAR/ZEESM TL tenders. Accurate selection of category that describe your core products and services, and which are in line with the tender requirements of the SAR/ZEESM TL, will increase the likelihood of your company being invited to tender.

Regularly checking these procurement pages to review open procurement opportunities and expressing your interest in these directly is another way to ensure that your company is invited to participate in tenders.

One reason why your company should never been invited to bid may be that the product or service you offer is rarely required by the SAR/ZEESM TL, and we simply have no need to buy any of them.


I heard there is a tender going on I’m interested in. What shall I do?

You can check the SAR/ZEESM TL procurement pages at International Current Tenders and National Current Tenders which contains full information about all initiated tenders, where you can get the tender details and detailed instructions on how to bid.


How does the SAR/ZEESM TL pay suppliers/contractors/service providers?

The SAR/ZEESM TL payment terms may vary from contract to contract, as set in the Bidding Documents, but normally are net 30 days upon receipt of invoice and delivery of goods or performance of contractual services, whichever is later. Advance payments and progress payments prior to delivery of goods or performance of contractual services ordered may be approved if such is stipulated in the Bidding Documents.


Does the SAR/ZEESM TL require Performance Guarantee for all tenders?

Not always. Only for high value or complex tenders the SAR/ZEESM TL may require a successful bidder to furnish Performance Guarantee in the form specified in the Bidding Documents. The amount of performance bonds/guarantees varies depending on the nature of the tender requirements. The SAR/ZEESM TL may also include a liquidated damages clause in its contractual documents in case adherence to the schedule of delivery of goods or performance of contractual services is critical to meet the requirements of the SAR/ZEESM TL.