Addendum of the Prequalification



Addendum Number            : 01

Procurement Number         : GPA-RAEOA-TL/0015-2018

Title of Procurement           :Provision of Technical Services in the Field of Aviation


Date of Addendum             : 12 April 2018


By this addendum, the RFQ Bidding documents no. ­GPA-RAEOA-TL 015-2018, issued on 05 April 2018 named “Provision of Technical Services in the Field of Aviation” is intending to respond enquiries collected for interested candidates relating to the above-mentioned prequalification exercise:


No. Queries/Questions Response
1 Aircraft types that need MRO services The tender is in its pre-qualification phase and in accordance with the Timorese law, this is a necessary step for future tenders. That said, the aim is to obtain a list of restricted vendors to which tenders can be assigned in the short to medium term. We therefore would be interested in, and be privileged by, having the Bedek Aviation Group of IAI in such list. Although currently only a Twin Otter 400 series is operated by us, in the near future a fleet expansion is expected. The most probable expansion will be based on Turboprop aircraft, namely ATR-72 or Q400. The operation of a B737 is not completely off cards at this preliminary moment, but it’s definitely less likely.
2 Geographic location for MRO services Line maintenance services providers, we’re interested in providers that can perform in the region, Timor-Leste of course, where we’re based, but also East Indonesia, and Darwin in Australia are the likely points of route extension until mid 2019.
3 We would like to know more information about this pre-qualification and how we could pre-qualified Please refer to the prequalification document and Annex I evaluation criteria for detailed information.






Arsénio Bano

Acting President of the RAEOA – ZEESM TL Authority